Back-To-School Supplies for Adults

back-to-school supplies for adults
Back-to-school time has ALWAYS been my favorite…

I was 100% that kid that looked forward to back-to-school shopping; the folders, the binders (Lisa Frank, of course), the pencils…it’s pretty much my heaven.  I found myself chatting with my mom the other day, and I asked her if my nephew had all his school supplies for his very first day of Kindergarten (!!!!) and she, of course, was all “god, Jamie…this isn’t my first rodeo, of course he has everything…it’s more Spiderman than you can even imagine.”  Spiderman! I suppose that’s what any 5-year-old boy is into but for me?  I’m craving some adult school supplies for my desk.  Here are a few favorites:

1// Rifle Paper Co. Safari Pocket Notebooks: A good notebook is key and I’m super into these elegant books with fun covers.

2// Leopard Stapler: This is my everything. I love a good stapler and, even more so, I love me some leopard print.

3// Kate Spade 17-Month Agenda: I’m always on a quest for a good agenda and Kate Spade is known for her planners…this pattern is pretty rad, too.

4// Kate Spade To-Do List Ball Point Pen: A little polka dot never hurt anyone and this pen flows super easy, especially given my god-awful handwriting.

5// Ban.do Sticky Note Set: Post-It notes are one of my favorite things and these are just a super fancy version…e.g waaay more fun.


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