Beaming Lean Cleanse

Because every once in awhile you just have to reset…

After a few weeks of feeling, well, a little bit icky, I decided to try a 5-day cleanse from Beaming.  Now, first of all, I want to clarify the fact that I don’t do juice cleanses (never have, never will), because I’ve never met one medical professional that actually recommends them…and that’s aside from the fact that I LOVE to eat. I love to eat actual food, not just drink juice, which is why I agreed to trying the Lean Cleanse from this brand, in particular.

Beaming doesn’t believe in starvation diets or food deprivation, and the Lean Cleanse allows for 1,000-1,200 calories per day, which is actually around what I eat anyway…it’s more about detoxing your body and fueling up on plant-based protein to feel great (and refreshed, I might add).

My thoughts: I felt full almost every day, with the exception of day two for some reason (I may have snuck a few cashews that night…maybe).  My only complaint was that I kind of missed eating HOT food, and so I was excited when I was given the zucchini soup (two nights during the 5-day cleanse), which you’re allowed to heat up.  Other than that, I was in L-O-V-E with the salads and protein bites, and my favorite juice is definitely The Skinny Cooler (anti-inflammatory and good for your metabolism), which has pineapple, cucumber, mint and jalapeño for a nice kick.

Beaming juices

The food (below) was 100% AMAZING but the juices and soup were also really tasty, as much as I did prefer the food! Haha.  The dinner (4th bottle above, on the right) was actually a really delicious gazpacho and it was delicious enough that it convinced me that I actually DO like gazpacho, after I’ve been avoiding it for years.

Beaming Ultimate Thai Salad

This was my favorite salad in the cleanse!  I have no idea how Beaming makes such amazing salads that are all low calorie, vegan, dairy and gluten-free…yet still have tons of flavor and seriously filled me up.

Beaming Superfood Protein Bite

These protein bites (I got two in the Lean Cleanse) are such a nice treat- I could’ve eaten three more 🙂

At the end of the five days, I felt like my digestion had improved, I was in a great mood (aside from missing hot food!), and I was sleeping like a BABY so, yeah, overall I was really happy with the results and would totally do it again.

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