Beauty Benefits of Mayonnaise

Beauty Benefits of Mayonnaise

Here’s a little factoid about me that you probably didn’t know: I hate MAYONNAISE.  Personally, I think it’s a gross, creamy condiment that’s completely unnecessary on food, BUT it does have some beauty benefits:


Moisturize your hair// The creamy white stuff is great for dry, damaged hair since it contains oils and protein that helps fill in hair follicles and increases shine.  It also contains vinegar, which is great to help restore your hair’s pH balance.

Hydrate your cuticles// Try soaking your fingertips in mayo every so often (for about 5 minutes) to help strengthen and restore your cuticles and fingernails.

A DIY facial// This sounds like my worst nightmare but some people LOVE this mayo facial. You just gently spread the mayo on your face and leave it on for about 20 minutes.  Wipe off and rinse with cool water to reveal your new super hydrated face.

Relieve sunburn// Not that I ever suggest not wearing SPF, BUT if you do mess up and forget to reapply, mayonnaise has been said to be helpful to help relieve some of the pain from your burn.

Would you ever try any of these DIY mayo treatments?


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