Beauty Tips for all the new college graduates

college graduation

Sometimes when I look back at old photos of myself, I cringe…and then I think about how much I appreciate all of the “mistakes” I made back in high school and college when it comes to beauty (and, of course, life)…

Since it’s basically COLLEGE GRADUATION week for most schools across the country, I put together a little “things I wish I knew at 22” list, in terms of beauty, because I’m nothing if not an awesome former RA (Resident Assistant).  Here’s a list of what I wish I knew beauty-wise right after I graduated:

  • You gotta wear SPF. Like, always. Even when it’s dark outside (ok, maybe not then but it’s good to play it safe).
  • Staying up all night does/WILL show in your face…especially as you get older.
  • Always carry concealer, eyeliner and lip gloss.  No matter how awful/tired/hungover you look, these three things have always revived me to the look of “ok, I don’t look like I died and came back to life.”
  • Acne can STILL HAPPEN. I, my friends, didn’t have ANY acne issues until the age of 23. Yes, 23.  I remember going to the derm thinking I had “bug bites” on my face and I was then informed that I had cystic acne…at 23, which I didn’t even know was possible at the time.  It took me about two years, but I DID kick it.
  • Dry shampoo will be your best friend. Much like your dreaded senior year 8am class, dry shampoo will be your saving grace when you wake up at 8:20 and realize you have to be at work in 40 minutes.
  • Don’t ever fall asleep with your makeup on. You will regret it and, eventually, you’ll stop caring if a guy sees your rosacea or hormonal chin acne.
  • Stop smoking. SERIOUSLY. Aside from the obvious cancer card, smoking has some awful affects on your skin so, unless you want to buy yourself a one-way ticket to wrinkle city, you gotta stop. Just stop…come on.



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