Beauty While you Sleep

sustainable youth super boost night serum

 Because we’re all a little bit lazy and I’d like my products to work while I’m sleeping…

Beauty sleep is real! Your whole body goes into repair mode when you sleep, including your skin.  I’ve blogged about a mask from The Body Shop that works while you sleep, so obviously I couldn’t just stop there.

Facts about your skin at night (via Sustainable Youth):

  • Skin cell renewal and repair rates are slightly faster and more effective
  • The skin is more acidic and its temperature is higher in the evening than morning
  • Blood flow, amino acid content and trans-epidermal water loss are roughly 25 percent higher at night
  • Oil production by skin glands is half of what it is at noon
  • At night your skin devotes its energy to renewal

Ladies, get some serious sh*t done WHILE YOU SLEEP with these three products:

Sustainable Youth Super Boost Night Serum// This serum feels like a dream and boosts the skin’s natural nocturnal regenerating powers.  Ohhh, and it also helps with those pesky fine lines, wrinkles…and it also helps lift and firm any sagging skin.  The brand has a patent-pending active complex, alasta, that’s clinincally proven to visibly increase skin elasticity and firmness up to 72% through its ability to boost the body’s overall immune system performance.

REN Wake Wonderful Nighttime facial

REN Wake Wonderful Night-Time Facial// This is what we call a facial…while you sleep.  First step is the exfoliation, just like with any in-spa facial.  Tropical fruit acids gently loosen the glue between cells, to encourage natural exfoliation and leave the skin feeling smoother and looking brighter.  Once the exfoliation is complete, a complex of minerals and sugars are delivered to the cells, and then, before you wake up, an extract of yeast fermentation works to raise the skin’s pH back to its optimum level, drawing in moisture to leave the skin hydrated and plumped.

Btw, REN’s blog says this product became available in June, exclusively at NetaPorter.com, but it’s currently sold out on the site. They’ll have more in the next week or two!

SKINN Take the weekend off

SKINN Cosmetics Take Off The Weekend// This is the perfect Sunday night treatment when you know you have to, quite literally, take “off” the weekend before Monday morning.  The intense anti-aging, renewing and purifying overnight leave-on treatment utilizes purified actives, including broccoli and aloe extracts, to help rid skin of environmental toxins and pollutants that may have built up after a long week or weekend.  LOVE this stuff.

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