Being Thankful

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Happy Thanksgiving!  I’m not posting my regular YouTube video today, due to the holiday, but get EXCITED for tomorrow because I’ll be sharing the best-of-the-best Black Friday and Cyber Monday beauty sales!  You’ll be surprised at how many of your favorite brands will be on sale this weekend 🙂

As for today, I suggest you take a moment to either think about or make a list (like I did above) about the things you’re grateful for in life.  I had a really eye-opening experience yesterday that made me really take a moment to appreciate the little things that I’m lucky enough to have.  The simple act of kindness brought me to tears and, admittedly, put me in my place for being annoyed over the fact that I couldn’t find a parking spot at the grocery store.

I was at Rite Aid and as I walked out, I saw one homeless man yelling “hey man, hey!” at another homeless man who was digging through soda cans. I automatically assumed “oh god, there’s gonna be a fight. I’m gonna have to call the cops” and, instead, the homeless man yelling “hey man!” then said to the other homeless man “I found an extra pair of socks. I already have socks so I thought I’d see if you might want them. Happy holidays.”

Just when I’m convinced that almost everyone on the planet is a total asshole, something like this happens and it restores my faith in humanity.  You should be grateful and thankful every day but today is a great day to start a list for when you’re having one of your “woe is me” moments, like I often do.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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