Belvedere’s Pre-VMA party at the Hollywood Roosevelt

So my love for the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is endless so needless to say, when I found out the top secret location of Belvedere’s Pre-VMA BELVE Music Lounge just happened to be the Hollywood Roosevelt, I let out a squeal of excitement.  My friend Jen and I walked down to the Roosevelt from my apartment and hung out by the famed Tropicana Pool, sipped on some delicious Grapefruit Belvedere Vodka and watched in awe as B.O.B jumped up on the roof and started singing his hit songs that they just will not stop playing on the radio.  The highlight was definitely the Grapefruit Vodka…I’d been dying to try it since Chelsea Handler featured it on her show.  It’s amazing and grapefruit is good for you so drink up.

me and Jen sipping Belvedere

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