The Best Way To Remove All Makeup

The Best Way To Remove All Makeup

Because it’s super important to properly cleanse your face if you want good skin…

It goes without saying – taking off your makeup after a long day is VERY important for the health of your skin.  That said, proper removal is also key, and you really want to ensure that you don’t leave any trace of makeup on your skin.  So what happens when you don’t remove your makeup before bed?  Well, once or twice probably won’t kill you but, personally, I notice breakouts and an overall increase in dry skin when I do forget to remove my makeup.  Long story short – wash your face…it’s an important step in your skincare routine and VIP for every skin type. 🙂

I loooove a cleansing oil or cleansing balm (like the one you see above from Banila Co. – it literally melts into your skin!).  They’re especially great for sensitive skin (like me) but also work well for oily skin, combination skin, etc. since they’re so gentle and hydrating.  Truly, there are a ton of great options when it comes to cleansers and you really don’t have to spend a ton on them.  Save that $ for serums and treatment products but, that said, I DO love a really fancy cleanser, too.

Best Way To Remove All Makeup

Wash your hands first.

It sounds silly to mention this, but you’d be surprised how many times you washed your face without washing your dirty hands first…think about it.

Try a double cleanse.

It sounds crazy but the K-beauty double cleanse ritual is popular for a reason.  Most days I cleanse with a micellar water and then cleanse again with a cream cleanser or oil-based cleanser, just to make sure that I got ALL of my makeup off and that my skin is truly clean.

Use warm water (not hot!).

I get that hot water feels awesome after a long day, but hot water is seriously awful for your face (and skin in general, actually).   You want to wash with warm water, k?

Use makeup remover wipes as a last resort.

I don’t hate on makeup remover wipes the way that some skincare bloggers do but, let me tell you, they absolutely shouldn’t be your every day cleanser.  Aside from the fact that most of them are terrible for the environment, they also really don’t get off ALL of your makeup.  Put them to the test. Use makeup remover wipes to remove your makeup and then use another cleanser and watch how much more makeup comes off your face (it’s wild but true).  I always recommend cleansing with The Mitty, a reusable (and washable) makeup remover cloth that doesn’t pull your skin and also does a fabulous job at removing every last trace of your makeup from the long day.

Give extra attention to your eye area.

If you’re wearing a good amount of eye makeup or waterproof mascara, you want to pay some extra attention to your eye area.  Try a separate eye makeup remover since they’re typically formulated specifically FOR the eye area and won’t sting or burn when you apply it.

My Favorite Makeup Removers


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