Blogger Favorites: Lip Balm

blogger favorites- lip balm

My fellow beauty blogger ladies are always a wealth of knowledge and, most of all, I TRUST their opinion above all else…

Even though it’s warm by comparison here in Southern California (ok it’s warm even NOT by comparison) my lips have still be a little on the dry side lately. I have my go-to lip balm (see below) but I wanted to also do a quick check-in with some of my beauty girls to see if I’ve been missing out on anything. Here are our lip balm favorites:

1// Okay, By Terry Baume De Rose is a you-must-guard-this-with-your-life FORTUNE but seriously worth every lip smacking penny. Not only have I never used anything that heals chapped lips so quickly and perfectly, it also has the perfect amount of shine, a lovely rose flavor and just feels like millions bucks on your lips (which it sorta is!). – Alexis Wolfer, TheBeautyBean.com

2// I carry La Prairie Eye & Lip Perfection a Porter compact with me everywhere I go. The two-level compact houses a silky eye cream and the most luxurious opalescent lip balm that adds a polished shine while eradicating sandpaper kisses. It costs a small fortune, but it’s one of the few products I use until I need to scrape the bottom of the pan with a finger. – Polly Blitzer, BeautyBlitz.com

3// My favorite tinted lip balm always and forever (to be sung in the voice of the late, great Luther Vandross) is Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment, the perfect pinky-red tinged lip moisturizer with a hint of shine. – Amber Katz, Rouge18.com

4// My absolutely favorite lip balm is Smith’s Rosebud Salve.  It sinks into my lips and keeps them healthy (and healthy looking) all season long.  – Jeannine Morris-Lombardi, BeautySweetSpot.com

5// My husband and I went to Australia for our honeymoon, where I discovered this little red tube called Lucas Papaw Ointment in seemingly every store. (Seriously, it’s everywhere.) Turns out, it’s THE world’s best, most emollient lip balm. It lasts forever, stays on overnight, hydrates in even the harshest weather, and even doubles as excellent cuticle cream. Love love love. – Nadine Jolie Courtney, NadineJolieCourtney.com

6// I love all things Clinique but their Superbalm Lip Treatment, in particular, is simply the BEST.  I discovered it a few winters ago, while living in New York City, during a day where my lips were chapped so badly that I actually stopped in a Sephora just to buy lip balm. This stuff is a true miracle for cracked, dry lips. – Jamie Stone, HonestlyJamie.com


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