body makeup that doesn’t rub off

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Because us pale girls need a little help sometimes…

I accepted my paleness back in high school, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t occasionally look down at my legs and go “holy god, I am PALE.”  I think that’s why I love this leg makeup so much- it’s much easier to apply than regular self-tanner and there’s no wait time for the product to start “working.”  You apply it, and it’s done.  Bam…tan(ner) legs.

I first tried Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Leg Makeup when I dressed up as Snooki for Halloween 2010 and, admittedly, I was SHOCKED at how good this stuff was!  For Snooki I used the darkest shade they make (Deep Glow), but I obviously went for a more natural match when using this stuff on a daily basis.  The leg makeup, also awesome for your body, comes in five shades and lasts for up to nine hours., though I can personally vouch that it lasts way longer than that.  I actually showered after having this on my legs and the product stayed on since it’s water-resistant.

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Yep, super white legs. That’s me.

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It comes out just about the same color as it will look once it’s applied.

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Just like with ANY self tanner, it’s important to apply carefully and make sure it’s rubbed in all around – no white streaks, please.

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The final results. Not bad, huh?  The best part is that it doesn’t rub off and it actually looked just as good after I showered one time.  “Tan” Jamie = pretty much what every other white person looks like with NO tan/body makeup.


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