Boozy shopping – it’s a thing

drunk shopping

I’ll never forget my first drunk shopping experience…it was during college, obviously.

I remember going for happy hour in downtown New York City and then deciding that trying on pants at Express would be a GREAT idea.  Now, normally trying on pants is my least favorite thing in the world to do, so it actually does make some sense that I’d want to do this after having a few cocktails.  I ended up buying two pairs of pants, going home, passing out and waking up in the morning only to see my new pants.  Turns out, they actually ended up being awesome pants that actually looked good and I actually wore them.  That’s the thing about shopping under the influence- sometimes you get lucky and end up with something awesome and then other times…you end up with something totally ridiculous.

Case and point, my other UTI (under the influence) shopping scores:

Rosetta Stone (Italian): In theory, this was actually a fantastic purchase since I’ve been wanting to become fluent in Italian for years, but the fact that this cost $600 makes it a bad purchase. BAD. BAD, Jamie.

Festivus For the Rest Of Us “Seinfeld” shirt: This is my personal favorite.  I loveeee “Seinfeld” and I got it in my head that I was going to celebrate Festivus (yeah, I don’t even know) so, obviously, I needed a shirt.  Unfortunately, I didn’t seem to remember the fact that Delia*s is a store for TEENAGERS and my medium t-shirt is basically a crop top on me.  I would’ve returned it but the shipping costs more than the actual shirt…so it sits in my dresser to this day.

Crystal Table Lamp: Ah, furniture pieces- another dangerous area.  I bought a similar lamp (no longer available on Overstock.com) thinking that I would put it on the side table by my couch…well, I don’t have a side table, and I never did.  The lamp currently sits (bulb-less) on my kitchen counter.

What have you guys purchased while boozed up?  Tell me everything.

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