Candy Coated Beauty


Because I’m only eating sugar once a week for the next three months…

Aside from the fact that I’m going to TULUM in less than three weeks, I was in desperate need of a food detox.  Surprisingly I consider myself a pretty disciplined healthy eater but, let me tell you, once I’m off the wagon I’m REALLY off the wagon and lately I’ve been feeling awful.  It’s crazy how as you get older food has so much more of an affect on your body (in a terrible way, of course) and I’m not gonna fake it with you guys…it pretty much really sucks.  But I’ve always been a woman of action- when I don’t like something, I change it, so yeah…I’m feeling a little flabby and gross right now, so I’m taking action just like I did back in 2011 (see my Shape.com story), and I’m not gonna complain about it.  I’ve been off sugar, dairy and grains (with the exception of once a week) again for about two weeks and I 100% feel better; however, looking at pretty candy-colored things STILL realllly make me happy.


Neutrogena MoistureShine Lip Soother SPF 20 (in Shine) has been a staple in my purse since 2006 and that is what you call a FACT.  It’s hydrating and I love the minty zing…oh and, of course, the SPF 2o because DUH.


Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Buttercream (in Forbidden Nude) is a new, but still loved, favorite.  I was drawn in by the light vanilla scent but the rich, creamy gloss melts onto lips like butter for a deliciously rich feel and medium-coverage color. It’s naturally derived from shea, avocado, and murumuru butters, which help to hydrate and smooth lips in a non-tingling, non-sticky way.


I’ve been a fan of all of Jenna Hipp’s products since they launched (on top of the fact that she, herself, is awesome!) but the Jenna Hipp Pout Polish is by far my favorite to-date.  To be clear, the Pout Polish actually comes in a set of four (called The Lip Glossary) so you can’t actually just buy one gloss…BUT I promise you won’t mind having all four, trust me.  This luxuriously nourishing lip gloss collection of neutrals, pinks and corals provide a beautiful pop of shine, while helping to add moisture.  Utilizing Jenna-approved ingredients (she’s pretty hardcore about being natural), these lip glosses provide the radiant finish of a gloss and the soothing application of a balm, which I LOVE.


Charming Charlie’s Pony Pops are seriously the cutest and, of course, diet-approved.  Left to right:

Charming Charlie Rainbow Pony Pop | Charming Charlie Fruit Stripes Pony Pop | Charming Charlie Polka Dots Pony Pop


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