a cat cafe? Yes, please.


Because cats that are up for adoption and coffee/tea/snacks is pretty much my idea of heaven…


The news about LA getting a cat cafe broke in June (queue: at least three people posting about it on my Facebook wall). I immediately reached out to Crumbs & Whiskers to see exactly when I could get in to see all the cats and they were nice enough to offer me a little preview before the cafe officially opened- my heart soared guys, SOARED. To be transparent, this isn’t a sponsored post at all (aside from getting two free tickets to their pre-opening) but I really wanted to share my experience at C&W since I think what they’re doing is so wonderful.

Here’s the deal:

  • The cafe works with LA’s Karma Rescue to select the cats that will live at C&W.
  • They do, in fact, LIVE in the cafe (full-time!) and are never put in cages or locked in a different room at night. They roam free the whole time and someone is there every day (even the one day the cafe is closed) to take care of them.
  • The staff is incredibly friendly and know each cat (and their personalities) VERY well. This place is a cat lady’s dream because I can talk about cats for DAYS and the staff was happy to oblige.
  • The menu is your basic coffee, teas, snacks, etc. and they get it from a cafe down the street since LA doesn’t allow cafes to sell food/beverages if animals are around.
  • To get in, you make a reservation/pay a fee to get in but then you are guaranteed your spot AND also guaranteed the place won’t be too crowded (i.e. you will get time with ALL the cats).

The impact they’ve made so far:

In one month (since opening), they’ve rescued 32 cats from risk of euthanasia at shelters and found homes for THIRTEEN cats <3 <3 <3



My friend Devon and I couldn’t get enough of this little guy in his basket. Turns out he was already adopted and his new owner was picking him up in a few days!



My favorite story to-date: Tigress, the three-legged cat. The entire time I was at Crumbs & Whiskers this cutie was passed out on top of this scratcher but she let me pet her and I instantly could tell she would be adopted soon. According to C&W, Tigress was rescued from a kill shelter, in line to be euthanized, and after a few weeks at the cafe, she received SEVERAL applications for adoption and now has a loving home. My heart just seriously MELTS when I read this news and I’m so happy someone found her.


They have plenty of toys around so you can play with the cats/wake them up from their naps.



I LOVE that there are so many comfy and bright spots for the cats to lounge/sleep/play. This faux fur rug, in particular is fab because it’s right by the main window so anyone passing by can be convinced that they NEED a kitty.


There were quite a few black cats because, believe it or not, black cats (and dogs) have the hardest time being adopted since they don’t photograph as well. I have two tabbies right now but after learning this my next cat will definitely be a black one.


This guy was massaging his friend. I died in my chair.


Let’s also discuss the super cute decor. Right?



If you’re in LA, make sure to stop by Crumbs & Whiskers– even if you’re not totally a cat person you WILL BE by the time you leave this place. Trust.

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