Beauty Products Actually Worth the Money (and that I buy for myself!)

It’s not that often that I actually spend my own money on beauty products.  Sorry, but it’s a true story.  However, these are the products that I just simply ADORE and can’t live with out, free or not.  Watch the video to hear all of the captivating details and don’t forget to to subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Vivicscal Extra Strength: My hair growth miracle.

Yes to Cucumber Facial Towelettes: Perfect makeup cleansing cloths for my dry, sensitive skin!  Seriously, I’m obsessed with these.

Clinque Even Better Makeup SPF 15: It’s a moderate to full coverage (with SPF!) and the foundation also helps prevent new discolorations from forming.

Aquaphor Healing Ointment: I put this on EVERYTHING.  Got a skin issue?  Put some Aquaphor on it, no joke.  It’s an all-purpose skin products.

Moroccan Oil Treatment Light: The new-ish version (for fine hair) is even better for my hair, since it doesn’t weight it down but still smooths and prevents frizz.

Reader Question: Help! My hands are super chapped!

Q: Hi Jamie, I live in New York and for some reason, this winter has wreaked havoc on my hands.  Can you recommend a good moisturizer that’s also easy to carry around?  you rock!  A

A: Hi A!  Great question and I have only one answer for you.  Aquaphor Healing Ointment from Eucerin.  Seriously, this is the only product that actually really keeps my dry skin moisturized.  I actually just used half a tube of this stuff while I was home in New York for the holidays!  You can use it on your hands but I actually love it for my lips and the skin around my nostrils as well (which get super dry from the sniffles).  It comes in a big tub or in a small travel tube so you can keep one at home and carry the tube around with you.  Hope this helps you- let me know!

xo, Jamie


Aquaphor…the Only Cure For the Common Cold!

So I managed to catch one hell of a cold today. The weirdest part is that it came completely out of nowhere and usually I can feel it coming on. =-( Anywaaaay, in this cold, brittle weather, it’s always important to make sure you take care of your skin- especially if you’re constantly blowing your nose! I swear by Aquaphor. I always carry around the little 1.75 oz. tube so that I can apply it every hour or so when I have a terrible cold and it’s the only thing I’ve ever used that actually DOES prevent chapping…even Vaseline doesn’t work 100% of the time.

If you need me, I’ll be in my bed watching CSI re-runs, applying Aquaphor and blowing my nose with Puffs tissues plus lotion…and let’s not forget downing Tropicana OJ…oy.