Reader Question: Help! My hands are super chapped!

Q: Hi Jamie, I live in New York and for some reason, this winter has wreaked havoc on my hands.  Can you recommend a good moisturizer that’s also easy to carry around?  you rock!  A

A: Hi A!  Great question and I have only one answer for you.  Aquaphor Healing Ointment from Eucerin.  Seriously, this is the only product that actually really keeps my dry skin moisturized.  I actually just used half a tube of this stuff while I was home in New York for the holidays!  You can use it on your hands but I actually love it for my lips and the skin around my nostrils as well (which get super dry from the sniffles).  It comes in a big tub or in a small travel tube so you can keep one at home and carry the tube around with you.  Hope this helps you- let me know!

xo, Jamie


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