Tuesday Web Candy (accidentally posted on Wednesday, sorry for partying)

After a ridulously fun Sunday at the beach, this photo of David Hasselhoff (Baywatch style) seriously makes me giggle – People.com

I decided to start my diet again, after gaining about 4lbs, and this Apricot Mustard Baked Chicken looks DELICIOUS, minus the apricot…cause, you know, no fruit allowed – MilkandMode.com

This article makes me feel very LA but yeah…it’s got some good tips on how to look younger. – InStyle.com

Soul Cycle…do you guys have an opinion?  I’m so not into spinning (hated it in NYC, actually) but I’m tempted to try it out again – IntoTheGloss.com

This is basically a Jamie-approved DIY project…something to do with all of my empty wine bottles, finally. – ISpyDIY.com

Degree Get Into the Move- move your body and win amazing prizes!

My obsession with Degree deodorant is no secret.  I just got home from an exhilarating Zumba session with my fellow LA-based beauty and fitness bloggers and omg, I feel amazing.  I’ve never zumba’d(?) before and I have to admit, it’s actually way more fun than I thought it would be.  What’s the connection between deodorant and Zumba?  Well, let me tell you.  Degree just launched an initiative called Get Into the Move, in honor of their MotionSENSE line.

What’s cool about it is that it’s basically a free (and fun) way to stay active and actually win fun stuff!  You can earn points for the below:

  • Checking in daily
  • Exercise- including walking your dog, swimming, gardening, yoga, etc.
  • Sharing the info with your friends on Facebook
  • Answering trivia questions on fitness and health
  • Finding codes at partner outlets like 24 Hour Fitness


Like I said, you can win prizes for playing the instant win games- prizes like iTunes and Zappos gift cards!  Make sure to also enter the weekly drawing for prizes like girls’ night out , designer shoes, and the BIG grand prize (which, I’m OBSESSED with) – a surf trip to HAWAII, a yoga retreat in Costa Rica or skiing in the Alps! HELLO.

As an added bonus, if you’re one of those do-gooders (which, clearly, I’m not) you can even donate your earned points to two different charities- Girls in the Game or The Challenged Athlete Foundation.

You have until August 23 to “get moving.”  OH and here’s how you can start and earn EASY, EASY points – use code GetMoving052 to start, courtesy of Queen of the Quarter Life Crisis 🙂


LeAnn Rimes’ abs of steel

LeeAnn and Andrew Keegan (before) and LeAnn NOW

So when I saw this recent pic of country music star LeAnn Rimes, I nearly passed out.  When I think of LeAnn, I think of middle school, “How Do I Live WIthout You” and Andrew Keegan…not the most perfect abs ever.  It’s always intriguing when you see a celeb who was never considered particularly “hot” all of the sudden show up with some killer feature and yeah, I’ll say it…I wanna know how the hell she got those abs.

I’ve been all about the fitness lately but deep down I know that no matter how hard I try, I will never have great abs.  It’s genetics, people.  I look at my Dad.  This man does TWO A DAYS.  No joke- he goes to the gym once in the morning and once at night since he retired a little over a year ago.  And sure, he’s lost some lb’s…but he’s still got his “spare tire.”  I curse you, Stone family genes…you may have given me great teeth and milky white skin but you also bestowed me with non-existent ab muscles. I digress.

Physique 57…Los Angeles

So I’ve been on a really big fitness kick lately so when I heard that the famed Physique 57 was opening up its first Los Angeles location, I was super excited to check it out.  I brought my partner-in-crime, Sydne Summer, along so I’d have someone to laugh with when I failed miserably at keeping up with this class that’s known through out Manhattan as “death by Physique 57.”  True story.

We started out with some hand weight exercises, which was surprisingly pretty easy for me (thank you to my trainers!!!).  We went through a series of fast paced exercise movements that all echoed parts of ballet, yoga and pilates, which I love.  The barre activites were natural to me with my background in ballet and it actually really motivated me to look into taking some adult ballet classes again, a la Broadway Dance in New York City.  For me, I’d say the hardest part of this class was definitely when we put the Physique balls behind our knees and did a series of flexing movements.  I never realized how out of shape my calves are!  Overall the Physique 57 class was an amazing workout and I couldn’t recommend the instructor more.  She was super enthusiastic and supportive…especially when I looked like I was about to die, she would come over and cheer me on.  If you’re looking for a great workout in NYC (and now LA), you should definitely head over to Physique 57.


Unique summer fitness tips from T.J. Johnson

So as of late, I have been fitness and workout-obsessed.  Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s the whole LA thing…who knows.  All I do know is that when I was given the chance to chat with fitness expert and celebrity trainer T.J. Johnson, I jumped at the chance.  Check out T.J’s unique fitness tips to kick start your summer workout routine.

MAKE A SUMMER RESOLUTION – Sit down and decide on a few realistic goals.  Lost 10 pounds by fall, strengthen your upper body, tone your abdomen…write them down on a piece of paper and carry them with you.  This little reminder will help you stay on track and keep you from reaching for that midnight snack.

SWEAT, THEN SLEEP – Whether you are supplementing your workout routine or just need to jumpstart a new one, adding twenty minutes to the end of each day will give you an extra boost to your metabolism while you sleep, while also helping you burn the day’s calories.  As an added bonus, before-bdetime exercise will also help to clear your mind, relieve stress and keep you away from tempting desserts.  Jog around your neighborhood or even jump rope in your living room.

KEEP THEM GUESSING – Now that you’ve got your routine down, it may be time to switch things up.  As you notice that your workout becomes easier, your body may not need to work as hard to complete the session.  Keep your body guessing, while revving up your metabolism, by changing your workout routine every few weeks.

For additional fitness tips from T.J., check out www.TJJohnsonNY.com.