LeAnn Rimes’ abs of steel

LeeAnn and Andrew Keegan (before) and LeAnn NOW

So when I saw this recent pic of country music star LeAnn Rimes, I nearly passed out.  When I think of LeAnn, I think of middle school, “How Do I Live WIthout You” and Andrew Keegan…not the most perfect abs ever.  It’s always intriguing when you see a celeb who was never considered particularly “hot” all of the sudden show up with some killer feature and yeah, I’ll say it…I wanna know how the hell she got those abs.

I’ve been all about the fitness lately but deep down I know that no matter how hard I try, I will never have great abs.  It’s genetics, people.  I look at my Dad.  This man does TWO A DAYS.  No joke- he goes to the gym once in the morning and once at night since he retired a little over a year ago.  And sure, he’s lost some lb’s…but he’s still got his “spare tire.”  I curse you, Stone family genes…you may have given me great teeth and milky white skin but you also bestowed me with non-existent ab muscles. I digress.

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