DIY Desk Organizer: Diptyque Candle Empties!

You’ve probably seen at least one of my countless mentions about Diptyque if you read this blog.  Obsession would be a mild word for how I feel about this line of candles and so when I saw this super creative way to use the “empties,” I had to share.  One of Hanky Panky’s employees tweeted to Diptyque about how he uses the empty candle votives to hold pens, pencils and other desk knick knacks.  So genius!

Hanky Panky Twitter Confessions Contest

So in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I’m kind of into this new Twitter contest that Hanky Panky is hosting.  Everyone has their own naughty little secret so now it’s time to fess up…for a prize, of course.  Follow Hanky Panky’s Panty Panel experts on Twitter to find out their Confessions Contest questions.  Retweet your most creative, juicy answer to each of the four questions to win your own personalized thong.  Love it.  Follow: @HankyPankyJD, @HankyPankyLA, @HankyPankyKr and @HankyPankyPA and go HERE for more info on the contest.

Hanky Panky fashion show at Cipriani!

So I’m loving this idea. What’s better than yummy Italian food at the bargain price of $40 and sexy lingerie? My girl Ashley and I will be in attendance! Find us and say hi on Tuesday. To RSVP, email hankypanky.rsvp@gmail.com

Gift Idea: An Overnighter Kit for Your Somewhat Skanky Friend

So I pretty much think this Overnigher kit is genius. And, considering that Hanky Panky panties are individually about $20 each anyway, this kit is a total steal at $38. I can’t tell you how many times it would’ve been nice to have a little “kit” with some foundation, concealer, etc. You could even make your own version using your friend’s favorites- all you need is a cute pair of panties, concealer, lip gloss and maybe even some gum or a mini bottle of Scope!

Speaking of “overnighters” or “school night sleepovers,” as I like to call them…check out this amazingly hilarious clip from “The Today Show” this morning…makes me remember that cringing feeling I get every time my Dad says “let’s hookup sometime this week so I can give you your mail.” EW.