Gift Idea: An Overnighter Kit for Your Somewhat Skanky Friend

So I pretty much think this Overnigher kit is genius. And, considering that Hanky Panky panties are individually about $20 each anyway, this kit is a total steal at $38. I can’t tell you how many times it would’ve been nice to have a little “kit” with some foundation, concealer, etc. You could even make your own version using your friend’s favorites- all you need is a cute pair of panties, concealer, lip gloss and maybe even some gum or a mini bottle of Scope!

Speaking of “overnighters” or “school night sleepovers,” as I like to call them…check out this amazingly hilarious clip from “The Today Show” this morning…makes me remember that cringing feeling I get every time my Dad says “let’s hookup sometime this week so I can give you your mail.” EW.

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