Holiday Gift Guide: What This Girl Wants

Holiday gift guide- what I want


I always struggle when it comes to making a holiday gift list for myself, mostly because I’m incredibly hard to shop for.  Looking back at my wish lists from 2011 and 2012 it looks like there’s always a similar theme: quirky stuff that’s also incredibly useful.  I actually DID buy myself the Macbook Air that I listed on last year’s list (currently using to write this post!) my mom bought me the Tocca candle from 2011, so given the theme that I end up with one thing from my list every year, which item do you think I should buy this year?

1. Fire Escape Shelf: In a weird way, I feel like I never really appreciated my fire escape when I had one while living in New York City…this hilarious/actually practical wall shelf is all kinds of awesome.

2. BCBG Spiked Apple Jewelry Box: My first thought: punk rock Snow White.  My second thought: I want this in a bad way…it also comes in silver and gold.

3. Striped Cashmere Eye Mask: I started using an eye mask to sleep in college and I’ve never looked back. It would seem that a cashmere version would be the next step in life.

4. Cube Planter: I’ve been fascinated with terrariums since I made one in elementary school and this one is really modern and cool…and definitely not made by an 8-year-old.

5. Cat Ice Cube Tray: Do I really need to explain this one? Meow.

6. THIS WORKS Deep Sleep Pillow Spray: I’m all about the good sleep and this spray just seems like a dream (no pun intended) to pair with the cashmere eye mask.  The soothing blend of lavender, vetivert and wild camomile essential oils will help calm the mind in preparation for a restorative slumber.

Holiday Gift Guide: The Little Market

The Little Market gifts


A few weeks back I attended the launch party (and also a blogger sushi lunch!) for The Little Market x Citizens for Humanity where I learned about Lauren Conrad’s latest project: The Little Market, a company she started with friend Hannah Skvarla, that’s mission is to build sustainable partnerships with artisans in developing countries, by connecting them with customers through an online marketplace. They seek to empower women artisans to rise above poverty and support their families.  So basically, Lauren and Hannah have been traveling the globe in search of amazing ethically-made products that practice fair trade principles.  If you know me, you know I love this kind of stuff and, even better, they’ve sourced a TON of amazing items that would make for perfect holiday gifts.  Here are my favorites:

1. Block Print Elephant Journal (handmade in India)

2. Rose Gold Candle (handmade in India)

3. Black Knit Baby Sneakers (handmade in Peru)

4. Aqua Round Glass Pitcher (handmade in Mexico)

5. Mint Vanity Trunk (handmade in India)

6. White Dove Ornament (handmade in Nepal)

Lauren Conrad The Little Market2

Annette, Lauren Conrad, me, Kelly

Holiday Gift Guide: Beauty Gifts That Give Back

beauty gifts that give back

Gifts that give back is pretty much a staple when it comes to my holiday gift guide; charity and giving back is such an important part of MY life, that I feel it’s super important to spread the word about how there are many companies that actually DO care.  Here are a few of my favorite beauty products that give back, all of which would make for excellent gifts:

1. Clinique Happy Hearts Perfume: $10 from every purchase goes to the Happy Hearts Fund, a non-profit foundation dedicated to rebuilding schools and restoring hope in the lives of children after natural disasters.  To date, Clinique has donated $250,000 to the Happy Hearts Fund and will continue to support programs provided by this wonderful organization.

2. MAC RuPaul The Original Viva Glam Lipstick: MAC’s Viva Glam has raised a mind-boggling $250 million for HIV/AIDS programs since 1994 and they’re bringing their original Viva Glam Girl back!  RuPaul’s shade and every cent will go towards helping women, men, and children living with and affected by HIV/AIDS.

3. Kiehl’s Creme de Corps Whipped Body Butter: Available in Grapefruit or Coriander, by purchasing a jar of the Kiehl’s Creme de Corps whipped body butter, you can take a step to end childhood hunger in the United States — up to $100,000 from all net proceeds will benefit the No Kid Hungry cause, which provides additional meals to children in need. One jar provides 380 meals, and in addition to the amazing cause it benefits. Done deal.

4. LUSH Charity Pot Cocoa Butter Lotion: Not only is this heavenly lotion vegan and sourced from Fair Trade organic cocoa butter, it also contributes every penny of its price (after tax) directly to various amazing charities. Since 2005, they’ve donated to more than 350 charities including Black Pine Animal SanctuaryAcid Survivors Trust, and the Beagle Freedom Project.

5. OPI Sandy Hook Green Nail Polish: OPI bottled the rich, bright green of Sandy Hook Elementary’s school colors to support Sandy Hook Promise. All proceeds will aid the families of Newtown and promote an open dialogue about mental health, school safety, and gun safety.


Holiday Gift Guide: what this girl wants

It’s the season to give, not receive, BUT that doesn’t mean that a girl can’t dream, right?  Here’s a selection of a few things that have been on my “want” list for some time now.  I decided to start a Pinterest page as a sort of “to get” checklist…we’ll see if I ever actually even buy any of this stuff (especially the MacBook Air) but, hey, like I said, a girl can dream!  It’s funny how, as we get older, our wants and needs totally change.  My friend Devon recently posted a story to Facebook called “50 Things You Will Never Get For Christmas Again” (and I literally laughed out loud while reading it).  It’s kind of amazing that I used to own nearly everything on this list, not kidding, and even more amazing, what the hell were my parents thinking buying me all this stuff?  I’m not complaining, they were (and still are) the best parents ever and I know they clearly just wanted to make me happy, but this year especially, with all the tragedy that’s happened recently, makes me really stop and appreciate the little things; things like my family (especially my nephew!), my friends and, most of all, my health.  As I mentioned in my guest post for Dina, I recently found out that a long-time friend has been diagnosed with Leukemia and, on top of that, the recent school shooting in Connecticut has really shaken me (and many people) at the core.

2012 has been a rough year for me personally AND the world, so here’s to a more positive 2013…let’s remember to be kind to each other.

Oh, and after that long, depressing rant, here are my actual gift picks:

1. J. Crew Printed Backup Battery for iPhone: I already have the matching leopard print case so why wouldn’t I want the backup battery?  This is genius and I’m not quite sure why they didn’t think of this before.  Cheers to a longer-lasting cell phone battery!

2. Vince Camuto Pyramid Stud Bracelet Watch: I don’t usually wear watches and when asked why, I’m one to usually quote Clueless: “a watch doesn’t really go with this outfit, Daddy” BUT I’m way into this bracelet/watch combo.  It’s modern and chic and the ugly watch part is hidden.

3. MacBook Air: I was never a Mac girl until about three years ago until a job I had required that everyone work on one.  I immediately went into panic mode.  And then I got used to it and realized that Mac computers are FAR SUPERIOR to PCs.  I, of course, had just recently purchased a new PC laptop before I discovered this little factoid but I think I’ll be ready to make the switch soon.  Santa?

4. De Medici Gastronomia Truffle Oil: My obsession with all things truffle is getting a little out of control.  And, clearly, once I discovered that you can buy truffle oil (and salt!) at specialty grocery stores, it was pretty much game ON for salads, popcorn, eggs, and other goodness.  I can’t get enough.

5. Neiman Marcus for Target Tracy Reese blouse: I was immediately drawn to this top when I saw the pure sparkle of it…but $80???  For a Target top?  I don’t think so.  Well kids, it was just reduced to $39.99. You’re welcome.

Guest #PISCES CORRESPONDENT on Eye4Style.com!

My friend Dina came up with an absolutely brilliant holiday gift guide idea theme this year – astrological signs.  GENIUS.  Make sure you check out my picks for Pisces women HERE along with her other posts for Aries, Gemini and Leos.

Two of my Pisces gift ideas are pictured above, both ocean-themed, obviously.

Holiday Gift Guide: what to get your cray BFF

1. Baked by Melissa cupcakes: NO ONE can resist these little babies.  I’m obsessed.

2. Catchphrase Photo Albums: Her life is probably “cray,” “amaze” and “fab” so it’s only natural that she’d love this photo album set.

3. Corksicle: Probably the best invention of 2012; I need one myself.  This thing not only corks your open wine but it also chills it. Score.

4. Rebecca Minkoff Best Friends iPhone Case Set: Kinda cheesy but also kinda awesome.  I still remember wearing a gold “BFF” necklace back in elementary school with my BFFs of the moment. Ahhh, nostalgia.  This is the modern-day version, for sure.

5. Colour Me Good Ryan Gosling coloring book: He may have been snubbed for People’s “Sexiest Man Alive” but hey, he’s got a coloring book…so I say that’s a big, gigantic WIN.