My natural highlights…at age 4

The other day one of my co-workers brought her two adorable kids into work and as they ran by I said to my cube neighbors “do those kids have highlights?!”  Guys, the little girl had dirty blonde hair with, what looked like, platinum highlights (that, naturally, I was totally jealous over).  The boy had chocolate brown hair with a slightly lighter shade of brown running through his roots.  I mean, it kind of struck a chord and made me think back to my own childhood hair and say “wait, did I have natural highlights back in the day?”

My natural hair color is brown – with my dark brown eyebrows, it’s a shocker, I know! LOL.  I started dying my hair blonde when I was a freshman in college and never ever looked back but seriously, if my hair still grew in at the level of amazingness that it did when I was four…well, I might’ve stayed a brunette.

What do you guys think?

By the way, I have to mention the fact that even in middle school when everyone was doing Sun-In, I NEVER used it!  But alas, it’s still the most hilarious packaging that I’ve ever seen.

photos: me, age 4; Sun-In bottle

Why I’m Obsessed with Kid Clothes (and a $25 Gift Card Giveaway!)

Maybe it’s my “maternal clock ticking” or whatever you want to call it, but I can’t help but go totally crazy googly-eyed over adorbale children’s clothing lately.  I think my two year old nephew, Mark, plays a big part in this – I seriously die every time he puts on an outfit that I buy him…he’s tre chic.  Anyway, right now I’m obsessed with shopping at The Children’s Place for him, and specifically I bought every item in the outfit above.  Yes, it’s true…Mark is the best dressed two year old in New York, people.

The infamous (and soon the be launched) Missoni for Target collection will also have baby and kid clothes (featured above as well, on the right), though not sure if they have anything for boys…but the girl clothes are a-dorbable.

Giveaway!  The nice people at The Children’s Place are offering a $25 gift card to one of my lucky readers!!!  To win, just comment on this post and I’ll choose one winner at random on September 8th at 5pm PST.  Good luck!