My natural highlights…at age 4

The other day one of my co-workers brought her two adorable kids into work and as they ran by I said to my cube neighbors “do those kids have highlights?!”  Guys, the little girl had dirty blonde hair with, what looked like, platinum highlights (that, naturally, I was totally jealous over).  The boy had chocolate brown hair with a slightly lighter shade of brown running through his roots.  I mean, it kind of struck a chord and made me think back to my own childhood hair and say “wait, did I have natural highlights back in the day?”

My natural hair color is brown – with my dark brown eyebrows, it’s a shocker, I know! LOL.  I started dying my hair blonde when I was a freshman in college and never ever looked back but seriously, if my hair still grew in at the level of amazingness that it did when I was four…well, I might’ve stayed a brunette.

What do you guys think?

By the way, I have to mention the fact that even in middle school when everyone was doing Sun-In, I NEVER used it!  But alas, it’s still the most hilarious packaging that I’ve ever seen.

photos: me, age 4; Sun-In bottle

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