Bryce Gruber on The Millionaire Matchmaker and an open letter to Patti Stanger


So I found out months ago that my friend Bryce was being filmed for the hit Bravo reality show, The Millionaire Matchmaker, and when it finally aired last week, I was ecstatic to see how Byrce’s episode dealing with the infamous Patti Stanger had turned out.  Well…I was disappointed, to say the least.  I was always a fan of The Millionaire Matchmaker (and Patti, sort of) because I admired her honesty and directness and the fact that she’s a powerful woman who gets the job done helping some socially awkward rich men find whatever “dream girl” their rich asses envision for themselves.  Well, as of the first episode of the NYC season, I’m just done.  I lost all respect for Patti and the show after watching her openly judge Bryce with out even really getting to know her.

Here’s a question Patty…how can you claim to be the world’s best matchmaker with a 98% success rate (or whatever you claim) when you match people up based on the time period of filming your reality show, and not actually getting to know your clients before picking your idea of their “perfect matches”?  If you had REALLY gotten to know Bryce, you would’ve known how kind, open-minded and completely hilarious she really is.  And that’s a fact.  You claimed to have heard of her website, TheLuxurySpot.com, but clearly you’ve never read any of her articles because if you had, it would be obvious to you that there’s most certainly no “stick up her ass” as you so eloquently put it.  Do your job.  You claim to be the best matchmaker out there so do your research before making snap judgments.  Bryce is a semi-public figure and you could have easily found out more (and true) information on her by simply visiting Google.com.

When Patti met Bryce at Delicatessen (yes, I recognized the restaurant because it’s awesome), she had already referred to her as “Schnozolla” which instantly offended me and was Patti’s first strike.  Clearly Bryce is gorgeous and Patti should’ve taken the fact that Bryce is comfortable in her skin as a sign that maybe she’s mature?  Self-confident?  And maybe even, gasp, doesn’t care that her nose has a little bump because she knows that any man that matters won’t give a shit.  No?

I think maybe Patti got confused because she’s not in LA anymore, Toto.  She kept referring to New York as the “land of brunettes” and claiming she was from the “New York area.”  Really?  That’s funny because I’m a born-and-raised New Yorker and guess what?  I have blonde hair.  And so do a lot of my New York friends.  It seems to me that Patti was trying to fit right into any stereotype she could think of to increase her ratings (and justify her East Coast expansion) and Bryce fell right into that too, sterotyped as the typical “snobby New Yorker.”

Here’s a news flash for anyone who doesn’t already know- New Yorkers generally make fun of people from Staten Island, make fun of people who wear Ed Hardy and think anyone who uses a tanning booth is the biggest moron on the planet, because they are.  And you know what?  Even if Bryce was alone in her judgments, who cares?  Those would simply just be her preferences, right?  Bryce said she liked older guys, right?  And who did Patti pick for her?  Guys her own age.  When Patti’s LA millionaires say “I want a 22 year old with brown hair from the Southern California area” Patti says “ok, I’ll do my best” not comments like the below Tweet:

In conclusion, I will no longer support Patti or her show, not only because she unfairly judged Bryce but mainly because I now know that it’s all a big dog and pony show for TV and I’m so over that world anyway.