Rain, Rain Go AWAY

So remember way back when when I did a product review for No Frizz by Living Proof? Well today is part II. It’s horrible, dark and rainy here in New York City but somehow my hair has managed to stay somewhat un-poufed thanks to my friends at Living Proof! I always use the Straight Making Styling Cream before I blow dry but today I also used the Straight Making Styling Spray before I attempted to flat iron this morning and voila- my hair is almost still perfectly straight. I know a lot of people say “almost doesn’t count” but for MY hair, it does. If this miracle product can even help a tiny bit, it’s got my seal of approval!

No Frizz by Living Proof

So you may have heard some chatter on this hot new commodity: No Frizz by Living Proof. It won an Allure magazine Beauty Breakthrough and is all the buzz in the beauty world!

What it is: a new hair product line that fights frizz for all hair types and textures.

What it does: M.I.T scientists created PolyflouroEster, a molecule that forms a lightweight barrier on hair to ward off fluff-inducing moisture and eliminate flyaway-causing friction.

The verdict: A-MAZING. I don’t think I’ve EVER been more impressed with a hair product in my entire life. I was skeptical at first, especially when it said that you can’t apply too much product. Really? I’ve never found that statement to be true- especially since my hair is coarse but I don’t have that much hair, so it gets weighed down very easily. So I decide to follow the instructions and have faith…after blow drying, I was truly astounded. My hair, which I normally have to blow dry and then flat iron to get the frizz out, was almost completely frizz-free. No joke.

This life-changing product comes in several different formulations depending on your hair type and whether or not you want curly or straight hair. $24 each on QVC.com
**They will also be available at Sephora and Sephora.com starting February 15th!