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10 Things Every Woman Should Have, According to Oscar de la Renta (and me)

Harper’s Bazaar
always has the best “how to” articles and clearly, when Oscar de la Renta is speaking…I listen.  A few months back I blogged a list of 30 things every woman should have and know by the time she’s 30 but THIS list, is ageless.

1. A great romance.  I don’t have much to say on this subject matter at the moment, sadly, but I do think it’s something that should be on everyone’s list.

2. Face-framing earrings. Luxury always makes me feel better, even when it’s not actually expensive.

3. A small bag. Oscar says it’s “full of mystery,” which I love.  WHO doesn’t love a mystery?  You’re left wondering, what could she possibly even carry in that teeny, tiny purse?

4. Black lace. Extremely feminine, extremely sexy…flattering on everyone.

5. A confident walk. Probably the most important, a confident walk just exudes happiness.  Oscar says “you have to walk like you have three men walking behind you.”  AMAZING.

6. A cause to support. Truth be told, volunteering every Monday for an at-risk teen girls home has consistently been one of the highlights of my week for over a year now. There’s something about being passionate about a cause that, even when you’re feeling fat, down in the dumps, etc. just makes you feel like you have a purpose.

7. Red carnations. Carnations can be attractively tacky and, even though I’m not sure where Oscar was really going with this, I still support anything red.

8. A signature scent. Narciso Rodriguez for Her has been my signature scent since, oh…around 2006ish?  Swear to god, every time I wear it, a guy will tell me how amazing I smell.

9. Very tall shoes. As a former Manhattan dweller, I was always anti-high heel…mainly due to the fact that I always had to walk everywhere and wearing 6 inch heels in the snow and/or rain is a recipe for disaster.  However, now that I’m in LA (and driving like it’s my job), I’m way into it.  They make your legs look slimmer and instantly improve posture. GO.

10. A competitive streak. It’s funny how sometimes this can develop later on in life, no?  I never considered myself a competitive person growing up BUT, as I got older, I suddenly found myself wanting to win. EVERYTHING.  ALL of the time.  Most of the time, it’s a good quality to have…as long as I reign it in, when necessary.  My friends know what I’m talking about here, ha.

Happy Birthday, Kim Kardashian!

Today, October 21st, marks the birth of the infamous Kim Kardashian.  Here’s what I would give the E! reality star, if I actually knew her…or actually cared to buy her something.  What do you get the woman that has everything?  Well…even more stuff.  Kanye whisked her off to Rome for the weekend where I’m sure she’ll be showered in all of the Italian fashion anyone could ever dream of.  What would you give Kim K for her b-day?

Tarte Picture Pefect Curler & Deluxe Light, Camera, Lashes Mascara: Probably one of the prettiest eyelash curlers ever and perfect for Kim since she’s known for her dramatic eyes.

Gucci Snap Luggage Tag: Since Kim travels so much, she definitely needs a luggage tag with some style.

Nicholas Kirkwood Pearl-Platform Satin Pump: I’m in absolute LOVE with these heels and can totally see Kim wearing them, in her black and white house.

Things That I Wanted…And Bought Myself

I try REALLY hard to not shop. I do, really.  But when I see amazing things, like the above, I just can’t resist.  Here are my latest finds:

Actors I Met And Liked Notebook: This notebook is EMPTY.  EMPTY, I tell you.

Sole Society Neve Platform Sandal: I love these heels.  Love.  Black and camel is totally going to be my fall staple color combination and they’re comfortable, to boot.

Forever21 Geo Cutout Necklace: I’m always on the lookout for fun statement necklaces and this faux diamond version is super cute but not blingy in that tacky way.

Tickets to No Doubt and Alanis Morissette: Go figure that two of my favorite middle school bands both release an album around the same time AND go on tour.  I HAD to get tickets to No Doubt and Alanis when they’re in LA.  It was a total necessity.

#InstaMoments of the Week

Yet another reason I love being home in New York

I’m obsessed with my new Hofstra gold glitter tank.  Obsessed.

My newphew, aka Captain America, is camera-shy

After three years, I finally felt an earthquake while in my apartment

My neighborhood.  Stay cool, Hollywood

Instagram cut off my feet but I’m wearing a DVF dress, Sole Society black patent heels and vintage earrings that were a birthday gift from my friend Tiffany


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The Monday Rundown

Rosemary Roasted Almonds: I always snack on almonds but this recipe takes them to another level.  I’m also obsessed with rosemary, btw.

Kiehl’s Orange Flower & Lychee Liquid Body Cleanser: I’m a big Kiehl’s fan and so naturally I was super excited when they sent me products from their new Aromatic Blends collection.  They’re all delicious but I especially love this exotic fusion.  Who doesn’t love lychee?

Sole Society Ryder Block Heel Sandal: At first glance I usually don’t like a thick, block heel like this but after seeing them in person, I’m really into the whole python mixed with patent look.

Jonathan Adler Prozac container: Jonathan makes the kind of home decor that I covet (along with a million other people) and I especially love his quirky, kind of ironic decorations such as this Prozac container.

Destination: Palm Springs

A friend and I are heading out to the desert tomorrow morning at, gasp, 9AM.  There are very few things that could actually get me to wake up before 11 on a Saturday but hey, Memorial Day in Palm Springs is calling me.  

J. Crew bikini top and bottom: I love a red bikini or, really, a red anything.  This one is simple and the strings make this particular style look good on almost every body type.

Dorothy Perkins Black Aztec Crossover Dress: First off, I love the pattern.  Second, this dress is the perfect minimalist vacay dress (and can also serve as a cover up!) that can take you right from daytime to night.

Forever21 Classic Straw Fedora: A hat is a MUST when I’m outside in the sun for a long period of time.  Not only does it keep me cool but it also prevents sun damage on my face and scalp.

House of Harlow 1960 Robyn Sunglasses: I love pretty much everything HOH1960 but these frames are just really f-u-n and chic.

Sam Edelman Gigi Sandals: I have these in neon too.  They’re super comfy, simple and look good with almost everything.

Shiseido Sun Protection Lip Treatment SPF 36 PA+++: Lips are often neglected but if you’ve ever had sunburn on your lip, you know to always apply lip balm with SPF.  I can speak from experience, guys.

Redken Color Extend Sun Solar Screen SPF 12: Blonde hair can fade and oxidize fast when in the sun for too long so it’s VIP that I apply a spray with SPF protection and, as a bonus, the SPF also protects your scalp.

Kate Somerville SPF 55 Serum Tinted Sunscreen: It’s very inaprop to wear a full face of foundation at the pool or beach but yeah, with my rosacea and hyperpigmentation, I never go full on bare faced.  This face serum is the perfect solution to my problem since it not only has SPF 55 but it’s a serum (e.g. lightweight) and it’s tinted so it actually hides most of my imperfections.