Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Mirror Moments campaign

So you all know I’m a sucker for a beauty company that incorporates charity into their campaigns.  Angela Kinsey, who also plays “Angela” on The Office, played Nice ‘n Easy’s “Guardian Girlfriend” (aka Gigi), and actually stood in New York City’s Grand Central Station last week to surprise those who passed by via an interactive mirror.  Hilarious.  This is why I miss New York, people.  When women (and some men!) stopped to check out their reflection, Angela magically appeared to give them hair color feedback and tips.  Shock therapy anyone?  I can only imagine the crazy reactions that people had.

Naturally, Clairol compiled all the amazing reactions into a video.  DUH.  Bonus?  Each time the video is shared, Nice ‘n Easy will donate $1 to Dress for Success (up to $50,000) and they’ll also donate their product to the charity to help women look their best.  You really can’t beat a ridiculous video and charity.

Also, make sure to read my good friend Aly’s review of the campaign…um, does she not look just like Angela?!


A night at Bar Marmont


So I went out a few weeks ago with the fabulous Nadine Jolie and she took me to the famed Bar Marmont in Hollywood. I immediately fell in love. We walked in, sat down in the “cool” room and Nadine told me to turn around…who did I see? Jason Segel. I’ve lived in New York my whole life and have never seen as many celebrities as I’ve seen since moving to LA. It sounds super dorky but I really get a kick out of it. Jason left soon after and that’s when I saw an actor from one of my favorite shows EVER. The Office’s Kevin. Now yes ladies, I realize that he’s no John Krasinski but come on. The man is funny. We proceeded to chat after he asked me why I wasn’t home watching his season premiere (it just so happened to be THAT Thursday) and we snapped this really awful picture with my iPhone.  The iPhone needs a flash!