Cater Waitor or Chic?

So I saw this picture of Ashley Olsen a few weeks ago and decided I needed a vest. I didn’t actively look for one or anything but I was walking by the New York & Company on Lexington and I saw one in the window. I then walked by it a few more times and finally decided to go in and check it out…turns out it actually looked good on me. I’m always cautious about vests. Maybe because I used to wear really creepy ones with cats on them in elementary school? Or maybe because I don’t want to look like an event caterer? Who knows? Regardless, I love my new black vest and can’t wait to wear it with my white button down…now all I need is a pair of god damn skinny jeans. WHY is that so hard?????

7 thoughts on “Cater Waitor or Chic?

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