Champagne Bar

champagne bar party cocktail

A few weeks ago I decided that I wanted to throw a little girls game night, complete with a CHAMPAGNE BAR. Yes, that is correct.  I’ve never been what you might consider the perfect hostess because, quite honestly, it just seems like SO much work to throw a party…and it is, but one of my New Year Goals was actually to host a party of sorts so I went for it.

champagne party

I had six friends over to play Cards Against Humanity and drink six, yes six, bottles of champagne.  I had no doubt we would get threw ALL of the champs, so I wanted to mix it up a bit by using my counter as a makeshift champagne bar, complete with an assortment of fruit and three different kinds of juice mixers.

champagne bar party


champagne party 2

Have you ever done a champagne bar? I’m kind of obsessed now.

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