ck2 - Honestly Jamie

Because it reminds me of middle school, but in a less “OMG, I’m so awkward” kind of way…

One of the first perfumes that I bought myself was Ck1, and it was in the seventh grade.  I remember feeling SO COOL as I handed the sales girl at Macy’s the cash and I went home and immediately sprayed way too much on, and all over my body…natch.  Oh how I loved that unisex fragrance!  When I heard the news that Calvin Klein was producing Ck2 I’m pretty sure that a big smile came up on my face and I knew I’d be obsessed once again.

The scent is warm and the bottle?  A lovely modern version of its predecessor, 100%.  Because I’m a horrid describer of fragrance, I’m going to copy the description pretty much right off the website, ha.

ck2 - Honestly Jamie

The strike of spicy electric freshness and the warmth of magnetic woods.  A signature fragrance for an urban, alternative, new freshness. Complex while cool and natural, two fragrance worlds merge together to create an exuberant, intimate and contrasted connection.
  • Top Notes: wasabi, mandarin, violet leaf absolute
  • Base Notes: sandalwood, vetiver, incense

Believe it or not, wasabi as a top note is all kinds of amazing…

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