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Because it’s almost the holidays (almost), I’ve got an AWESOME giveaway today…

The Clarisonic is a staple in the beauty world, that’s a fact, and this week they’re celebrating their 10 year anniversary with a fun #ThanksToYou social media campaign. Make sure to Instagram your photos and tag @Clarisonic to participate.

Fun facts about Clarisonic:

  • The brand has won more than 100 beauty awards globally – super impressive
  • One Mia 2 device is produced and ready to ship every 7 seconds
  • Clarisonic devices are clinically proven to remove makeup, dirt, and oil 6 times better than hands alone and micro pollution particles (up to 20x smaller than pores) 30 times better than hands alone.

Now, on to the CONTEST. In honor of Clarisonic’s 10 year anniversary (and I still can’t believe I started using mine almost 10 years ago!), I’m giving away….THREE Clarisonic Mia 2 devices!!!*

*colors may vary


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Clarisonic Mia

139 thoughts on “Clarisonic Giveaway

  1. Would love to win a Clarisonic because everyone seems to love them & now that the weather is getting colder and changing id love something that can help my skin stay as beautiful as it can.

  2. I use makeup on a daily basis and suffer from oily skin this would help me deep clean and remove excess makeup. Thanks for opportunity and happy holidays!

  3. I’d love to get this! It’d be an early Christmas gift lol. My skin has really been taking a toll from this cold winter. Love the blog!

  4. It could be amazing to win a Clarisonic. ..i have heard great reviews about it..i could to know its true!! And my skin need it so much!!

  5. My skin has been terrible since I had my second son. A Mia or salon facial is not in the budget for us right now so I was so excited to see a contest and try to win one!!

  6. I’m dying for a Mia 2 because I can’t what type of skin type I have cause its constantly changing and it just want really nice skin and that’s really why I want one

  7. Help. I’ve been using a crummy washcloth and it’s just not great. I think my skin – both blemish wise and with my rosacea, this would be so so helpful!

  8. My current facial cleansing routine just isn’t cutting it! I’ve heard that dermatologists highly recommend the Clarisonic Mia. We all want flawless skin, right?!

  9. I’m dying for a Mia 2 because I need to try a new skin care regimen to deal with the combo whammy of acne and wrinkles, and it would be a great way to get started. (BTW, shouldn’t there be a rule that you stop breaking out once you start getting crow’s feet?)

  10. Clarisonic is THE best thing for healthy and vibrant skin. Who wouldn’t want this? While I’m up in years, I still care about my skin being healthy and always looking its best!

  11. I would love to win the Clarisonic to improve my skin. I have been wanting to try this product for a while now and heard great things about it

  12. I MUST have one!! I have been struggling with my skin for years, and I am trying to get away from acne treatments. I am hoping that this will do the trick.

  13. I’ve wanted a Clarisonic for the longest. I would love to take my skincare regime to the next level and I know it can happen with one of these babies. 🙂

    Thank you for the chance to win one! <3

  14. I’ve literally become obsessed with skincare recently and have spent sooo much time and money on researching and trying out new products. The Mia 2 is something that I truly believe will help me achieve clean, healthy beautiful skin but I have yet to try it. I’d love to win one!

  15. I am DYING for a Clarisonic Mia 2 because my old skin isn’t getting any younger. It needs all of the help it can get! 🙂

  16. I’d love a Clarisonic Mia. I’ve heard such great things about this device. I think it’s just what I need to get rid of the acne on my chin.

  17. I would love a flawless skin. =) I have on and off adult acne and I was told that Mia 2 can improve my skin but too expensive for me. Would love to incorporate Clarisonic into my skincare regimen.

  18. I have had friends have great results from using Clairsonic devices. I am in my early forties and a disabled veteran on a limited income and have been wanting one for 2 years!!!

  19. I been wanting a clarasonic mia ever since i visited my little sister and she gave me a facial! this little powerful machine is amazing after using it for 3 days i was hooked! i really need this in my life!!!

  20. I use makeup daily and my skin is tired. I want a clarisonic to boots and refresh it. So many people are saysing that this little objet is amazing. I love his design and i want to love his performance.
    Thanks you for giving us this chance.
    Happy holidays

  21. I love my Clarisonic!! I will not go without my Clarisonic. I am on my second one. My first brush lasted for 4 years. I can tell the difference when I do and do not use it. Groupon has replacement brushes for $24.99 a 2 pack.

  22. I would definitely want to win the clolorful Clarisonic Mia2!It would be great for my skin during this colorful season, and would help me to get a clean, beautiful skin! Hope i win!^_^ ty! <3

  23. I would definitely want to win the colorful Clarisonic Mia2!It would be great for my skin during this colorful season, and would help me to get a clean, beautiful skin! Hope i win! ^_^ ty! <3 xo

  24. I am dying for a Clarisonic Mia 2 because I’ve been dying to have glowing, acne-free skin since puberty and haven’t had the money to treat myself to one! lol

  25. I have adult acne, what am I saying, I suffered from my oily acne skin all my life. Now I have to fight acne and wrinkles this may actually help me.

  26. hi Jamie! Clarisonic is not that popular here in my country but one time, I came across this amazing tool and instantly fell in love with this! ^^ I really hope I could win this (better, the lavender one) thank you for holding such a wonderful giveaway! ^^

  27. I love Clarisonic. I have the Plus, it is so nice and makes my skin so great! Getting the Mia 2 would be wonderful for traveling.

  28. I’ve had real bad acne for the past year being a teenage girl it has really hurt my confidence , I am on tablets for my acne and it has gotten so much better but I am left with horrible deeps scars and spots here and there, I would love the clarisonic mia 2 to add to my skincare routine to help improve my skin even more so I can get my confidence back and this product might actually help me

  29. I would like to win a Clarisonic because I have an acne problem since june this year, and nothing is helping me, and in Serbia we don’t have where to buy Clarisonic devices.

  30. Would love to try one of this… Have skin issues and desperate for a solution. I have heard so many great things about Clarisonic… Sounds too amazing to be true!

    Hoping! 🙂

  31. I would love a clarisonic! I want to improve my skin, I’ve never had the clearest skin…which caused a lot of self esteem issues. I would love to have one!

  32. I think I would love the Clarisonics, although we haven’t had the pleasure yet, of connecting with this product! Thanks for this wonderful contest

  33. Would love to try this very well regarded product. Have always taken good care of my now 70 year old skin. Now, it’s time for a little extra special TLC help from Clarisonic Mia. Hope I am lucky enough to win one.

  34. I suffer from cystic acne and don’t see a dermatologist and this product from all the youtube videos I have watched seem so great.! (:

  35. I would love to win a Clarisonic. I’ve just entered my 50s (as much as I hate to admit that!) and find my skin is a little duller than it used to be. This could help so much.

  36. My skin has been a mess since I became pregnant! Oily, breaking out and I have tried numerous face cleanser and exfoliators! There’s only so much you can use while you’re pregnant! This was suggested to me and I have been meaning to look into buying it! Hopefully this will change my face and give me that pregnancy glow everyone has been talking about!

  37. My cystic acne has made me feel very embarrassed about how I look that I barely pose for photos. The Clarisonic Mia 2 may just be the confident boost that I need!

  38. I have had acne since I was in 4th grade, I am 15 so I have had acne for half my life! I have tried everything, and while it’s not severe it is still a big insecurity and pain. I am hoping this will help clear up my acne!!

  39. I have suffered from acne my entire life. Now that I am in my 30s I thought it would get better but hasn’t . It has made me very insecure over the years. I would love to have flawless skin for once in my life. Thanks for the chance.

  40. Major health issues and extensive travel to cider climates have done it’s my number on my skin. Everywhere I read, the Clarisonic is the answer! It’s been on my wishlist for years as I have read that.it not only cleans the skin amazingly, but also rejuvenates it.

  41. Major health issues and extensive travel to colder climates have done their number on my skin. Everywhere I read, the Clarisonic is the answer! It’s been on my wishlist for years as I have read that it not only cleans the skin amazingly, but also rejuvenates it.

  42. Dying to have a clarisonic of my own! Heard wonderful reviews of this device and hope to get one to improve my skin condition and gain my confidence!! Love clarisonic!

  43. I have dry skin that’s getting dryer with winter. I need Clarisonic to help me improve my skin texture and make it smoother, glowing.

  44. I’m dying to win a Clarisonic because I’m getting older I live in Florida my skin is showing the signs of aging and loosing it’s healthy luster. I’ve always a wanted a Clarisonic and want my beautiful youthful healthy skin back.

  45. My Michigan skin needs a healthy dose of “help”. AND I love the Hippie colors the Clarisonic comes in. What a present to me from me this would be.

  46. Love your site! Whenever I run out of some makeup/beauty product I always check your site for reviews before purchasing something new!

  47. I have the Ulta version of this but it is starting to die on me, so I would love to win this as a replacement! 🙂 Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  48. My skin is clearing up but it still breaks out and makes my face red for months. I would love to prevent any further breakouts.

  49. I am dying for a Clarisonic 2 because I have such a problem with my skin being terrible. I really need the help, I was told this would be a great way to help my skin issues!! I’m crossing my fingers for sure!!

  50. My gf has beautiful skin. I on the otherhand have oil pimples, red pimples, clogged pores – you name it – almost every other week. I would love to win this Mia2 so I can surprise my gf with better skin.

  51. I’ve recently had a surgery and while recovering I couldn’t actually take care of my skin. My skin is in the worst possible state now and a new Clarisonic would help me make my skin much better and fight against the winter very soon. Xo

  52. Happy Monday! YAY….OMG…. I can’t believe I won your Clarisonic giveaway and I’m so excited to be one of the luck winners! I will tweet a picture & post on your Facebook page when it arrives! Wishing you a beautiful day & fantastic week ahead, Happy Holidays :-)Congrats to the other winners too!

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