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Because it’s the 20 year anniversary of my favorite movie…

Back in 2013 I dedicated an entire week of blog posts to Clueless (#CluelessWeek) but when I realized that July 2015 marks the movie’s 20th anniversary, I HAD to do something.

From this awesome Vanity Fair article on Clueless’ 20th anniversary:

Clueless made its debut, on July 19, 1995, and became the No. 1 movie in the country that day. The weekend of July 21–23, it generated $10.6 million and immediately was branded as one of the summer’s most unexpected triumphs. The movie went on to earn $56.6 million in the U.S. and Canada (a figure that the movie data-tracking site Box Office Mojo equates to $105.7 million in contemporary, inflated dollars). That’s a nice return for a film whose production budget was $12 to $13 million.

More important, Clueless touched a chord in the culture that was clearly primed and ready to be struck. Pre-teen and teen girls raced to malls in search of plaid skirts and knee-high socks.

This includes yours truly 🙂

Dionne kmart hair extension

One of the first scenes in the movie, 12-year old Jamie learned about hair extensions for the first time. Dionne accuses Murray of hooking up with another girl, Shawana (if memory serves), who apparently wore “polyster hair” (e.g. “a cheap Kmart hair extension).


Tai’s makeover scene!

Step 1: get all of that Manic Panic out of her hair


Step 2: Shampoo! Check out that bottle of Paul Mitchell (SO 90s) on the left of the tub


Step 3: Goody Flexible Rod Rollers, a soda can and some solid eyeliner.  I like to think D would’ve used Clinique Quickliner on Tai.


The finished product. Admit it, we ALL wanted to be Tai in this scene.

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