COACHELLA Essentials

So I’ll be attending my very first COACHELLA this weekend and I’m simply so excited I can barely think about anything else.  One, I’ve never been to Palm Springs and two, my friends and I rented an amazing mansion and I’m looking forward to a long weekend of relaxing by the pool, parties and, of course, plenty of sun.  I’ve been asking around what I should be packing for my little trip to the desert  and everyone’s been telling me that for one, it’s H-O-T hot and also kind of hippyish.  Here’s what I’m thinking:


Neutrogena Fresh Cooling Sunblock Spray SPF 70 – No explanation really necessary.  The desert sun is super strong and what I love about this sunblock is that the spray actually cools you off, making the re-application process even more enticing.

Epicuren Aloe Vera Gel – No matter how many times I apply and re-apply sunblock, I always seem to miss at least a little spot of skin that results in a burn.  This luxurious aloe vera gel soothes the skin and promotes faster healing.

Green Ruffled Forever21 Romper – A birthday gift from my friends Kelley and Gil.  It’s really perfect and very me.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Hillier bag – I just purchased this bag from my beloved Shopbop.com and its already sold out in black on the site!  It’s a perfect Coachella bag because of the great strap that can also make it a messenger bag.

A87 solid fedora – LOVE this hat and it’s super cheap.  It’s important to protect my scalp and hair color (it fades in the sun!) from the sun’s harmful rays.  Plus, I like how I look in hats.

Seychelles Layover gladiator sandals – I bought these gladiators a few months ago and I wear them at least 4 times a week.  They’re super comfortable and I love their slightly edgy look.


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