colorscience Skin Bronzing Face Primer SPF 20

Skin Bronzing Face Primer SPF 20

When I’m really pale (like more pale than usual) all I want is a golden glow…

And let me clarify, when I say “golden glow” I mean a faux golden glow…and that’s where a good bronzing product like colorscience Face Primer Skin Bronzing Broad Spectrum SPF 20 comes in because it does three major things that I like:

1. It works as a primer (Patented rice peptides soothe burned skin and prevent the breakdown of collagen. Blue algae extract, beta carotene and vitamin E nourish the skin while glycerin provides essential hydration.)

2. It gives me a slight tint of bronze (e.g. I look “naturally tan”)

3. It has broad spectrum SPF 20 (with zinc and titanium dioxide)

You can’t really ask for anything more than that in a primer, for real.


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