Reader Question: How to cover gray hair

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Hi Jamie!

I’m 32 and starting to notice gray hair, which sucks.  Do you have any tips on how to cover it best?

– D

Reader Question: How to cover gray hair

Hi D!

Girl, I feel your pain. I have one extremely annoying patch of gray right where my hairline starts – have you ever noticed I always part my hair to the same side? Yeah, that’s to hide the gray patch, lol. Ahhh, getting old.  That said, I did a blog post back in May with some of my favorite root touch-up products. I definitely recommend keeping a good root touch-up product on hand but, in addition to those, my colorist Dawn Tracey has some great advice.

“When a client is just beginning to go gray, I suggest trying glosses which are a bit translucent, so the grays get stained and the stain will fade over time,” explains Tracey.  “The benefit to this is that the gloss stains the gray without changing the natural color, so there will be no strong line of demarcation (a.k.a the very noticeable difference between the dyed hair color and natural hair color as it grows out).  As a last resort (and what Dawn does to me), she recommends permanent dye.  “They’re the only alternative to complete gray coverage.”

One important thing to note: It’s also important to consider the natural color of the hair.

“When the hair color is lighter, like blondes or even light brunettes, the gray hairs don’t stand out as much,” tells Tracey.  “In this case, I would suggest subtle highlights that would essentially camouflage the gray hair.”

I hope this helps!  Here are a few of my favorite root cover-up products for when you’re in-between salon visits…




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One thought on “Reader Question: How to cover gray hair

  1. Hi! Jamie my name is Diane and I just started
    On my Rogaine journey. I have watch your videos and they have REALLY encouraged me to follow this through. I am going to be honest I am so frustrated and there are days I want to give up but my hardest problem is dealing with time and being patient. I would love if you can give me some tips. I started on March 9, 2018. I hope to feel like you do about my hair.

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