COVERGIRL launches “CoverGirl Clean Makeup For Clean Water” Campaign

So I’m embarassed to say that I had no idea that more than 4,000 children die every day from diseases caused by unsafe drinking water.  This fact is unfathomable considering how much water we, as Americans, use every day and completely take for granted.  This is exactly why I was super excited when I heard about COVERGIRL’s new campaign- they partnered with the Children’s Safe Drinking Water (CSDW) program, an organization dedicated to addressingthe critical, global need for clean, safe drinking water.  In celebration of the millions of loyal COVERGIRL Clean Makeup users, they decided to contribute $500,000 to CSDW.  A-mazing.

Wanna get involved?  You can enter an online contest by submitting a short video explaining how you give back to make the world a better place and why this makes you beautful, both inside and out.  Here’s the best part- for every entry received, COVERGIRL will provide one week’s worth of clean drinking water to a child in need.  Entrants also have a chance to win a humanitarian trip to Africa as part of the next Clean Makeup for Clean Water mission.  Visit www.covergirl.com/cleanforclean to enter!

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