My current hair routine (that’s getting me oodles of compliments)

Because I’ve been getting a LOT of hair compliments these days so I had to share…

OUAI Hair Oil: I’m really into hair oils, especially on the ends of my hair (which get the most fried) but the scent of OUAI’s version is just heavenly.  It also does a bomb job of helping with frizz, maybe even more so than the oil I had previously been using (!).  One thing I didn’t know: Jen Atkin’s version also helps protect color from fading and, according to Jen, the oil doubles as a hydrating overnight hair mask!  Work it in, get some sleep, and rinse in the morning.

Matrix Style Link Big Queen Blowout Cream: I’m always realllly hesitant to try blowout creams. Here’s the thing…most of the time, they end up making my hair feel stiff and sticky and I’m left with a feeling like I should just re-wash my hair and start over.  However, I was intrigued by this version from Matrix because it’s got heat protectants in it AND the formula is all about the root lifting (max volume).  Sure, it’s defitely a strong hold blowout cream but my hair 100% did NOT feel sticky or stiff.

JOICO Color Co+Wash Whipped Cleansing Conditioner: I’m not really into Cleansing Shampoos so I, again, was skeptical to try a Cleansing Conditioner…but, you know, my friend does their PR and insisted that I would love it (she’s reallly good at her job, btw).  After one try I knew she was right.  Even though it’s called a “Conditioner,” it’s actually also a shampoo that helps lock in your hair color with out stripping your hair.  The cream is also super fun to pump out, just sayin’.

By the way, the amazing pink Jac Vanek notebook can be found HERE.


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