Dashing Diva Gelife Manicure

So lately I’ve been really into my nails and I recently tried out the new Gelife manicure at Dashing Diva, a personal favorite mani/pedi spot in New York. The verdict? Completely sold. Though I am definitely someone who is more likely to get a pedicure, I really like the way this manicure shines and stays fresh.

Two coats of gel are applied, nails are dried under a UV lamp and, in the words of Emeril, “bam.” Shiny, glossy nails with little or no chipping. UV Gelife is launching with three natural options: Clear, Cool Pink, and Warm Pink (colors will be launched in the fall) and the whole procedure takes about a half hour, and lasts for up to two weeks. BONUS- this mani is said to be safe for nails as the gel contains calcium salt, allowing them to grow underneath and stay healthy. For $45, you can’t beat it… on top of that, I adore Dashing Diva- the staff, the space, the quality- all superior.

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