Demeter sushi

Because these are three of my favorite things to eat/drink…

The idea of smelling like sushi (or any kind of fish-based food, for that matter) is something that most people would never consider but, I gotta tell you, I am so into these fragrances from Demeter.  I’ve known about the brand for years but it’s only recently that I decided to test out the scents of three of my favorite foods/drink (chocolate chip cookie, sushi and champagne) to see if they actually DO smell like what they’re supposed to and, of course, if that smell is actually GOOD.

The result? Sushi didn’t smell fishy at all, it actually smells like freshly cooked rice with a side of seaweed and ginger…all good smells.

demeter chocolate chip cookie

Demeter Chocolate Chip Cookie is, by far, my favorite because I love anything that smells like dessert.  The combination of light and dark chocolate with freshly baked cookie dough is HEAVEN guys, heaven…and no calories.

demeter champagne

Demeter Champagne Brut is another one I questioned…how can you really capture the scent of champagne, right?  The scent is a blend of bubbly white wine with just a hint of fruit, and it’s really, really good.

What do you guys think? Would you wear any of these?


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