Designer tattoo parlors? Yes, please.

So I’ve been wanting a second tattoo for quite some time now but for one reason or another, haven’t gotten it yet. A few months back, I went with my friend Mia to get her second tattoo and I was going to get mine then but I completely changed my mind. I don’t want to say that I “chickened out” but it was more of a bad vibe. Her tattoo turned out AMAZING but the woman that did it was a complete and utter bitch for no reason at all. Plus, she was completely filthy. Like, it looked like she hadn’t washed her hair in a week…and not in a “I’m using dry shampoo but taking body showers” kind of way. Anyway, I got bad vibes from her and decided against getting my second tatt on St. Mark’s. I recently came across this blog post from W magazine’s site…a great article written by Jamie Rosen. I’m totally intrigued, and kind of surprised, that this is the first I’ve heard of a “designer” tattoo parlor. Very Upper East Side. Very New York City girl. I’m loving it. The tattoo I want is pretty friggin small…though, I’m certainly not going to turn down a Vicodin OR a glass of chardonnay to help make the experience better. I’ve loved the idea of getting a white tatoo since I saw Lindsay Lohan’s “breathe” wrist tattoo. I’ve got some thinking to do now…stay tuned.

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