Disney’s Fallen Princesses

So I randomly stumbled upon these images- Project: Fallen Princesses and I’m enthralled. My friends and I have been saying for years that it’s really the fairytales we heard as children that actually fucked us up. These grand illusions of men climbing up a girl’s braid to “rescue her” can really give a girl a COMPLEX. Anyhow, the artist here replaces the “happily ever after” with reality that addresses current issues such as war in the middle east, addiction and self-image.

“The project was inspired by my observation of three-year-old girls, who were developing an interest in Disney’s Fairy tales. As a new mother I have been able to get a close up look at the phenomenon of young girls fascinated with Princesses and their desire to dress up like them. The Disney versions almost always have sad beginning, with an overbearing female villain, and the end is predictably a happy one. The Prince usually saves the day and makes the victimized young beauty into a Princess.”

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