DIY Disaster Kit

DIY disaster kit

Because I’ve deemed myself a disaster expert…sort of.

A few weeks ago my friend Felicia came over for dinner and we got onto the topic of earthquakes, since she just moved here from New York.  I immediately launched into my rant about how you have to always protect your hands (they’re your biggest asset in a crisis situation) and how you want an LED flash light and to never store the batteries INSIDE the flash light when not in use. Felicia looked at me like I was nuts but then revealed that she, in fact, didn’t even own a flashlight.  “Felicia!” I screeched.  “That’s like the most basic thing you need!”  As she rode home to Santa Monica in her Uber I emailed her my list (below) to which she replied “I ordered 14 things on this list. I’m going to be READY.”  About a day or two later (when she started received her items via Amazon Prime), she texted me and told me that I should share my somewhat ridiculous list because it could actually help people.  While it’s true that this list is VERY extensive, this is the kind of stuff that can really save you during a crisis situation.  Growing up my dad was always super prepared- as an expert outdoorsy guy (is that the right term?) my dad can start a fire with two sticks, knows how to survive in sub-zero weather and, of course, also taught me never to store batteries INSIDE my flashlights (they will go bad and can sometimes leak and corrode the flashlight).  Even if you don’t buy everything on this list, go through it and at least get the VIP items…you won’t regret it the next time there’s a Hurricane Sandy or the next big SoCal earthquake (it’s coming, guys…we’re long overdue).

What do you guys think? Am I missing anything crucial?

Emergency “to-go” bag: Your t0-go bag should be easy to carry and something you can grab and literally run out the door.  I also keep a small backpack (the black backpack in the photo) with similar items in my car, just in case I can’t get into my apartment for some reason or I’m far away.  I use the LeSportsac Large Weekender bag, which is plenty big enough for all my crazy.


Have the below items in your house, in addition to the “to-go” kit (your to-go kit can also be used for at-home emergencies):

  • 3 gallons water
  • Canned food (enough for about 3 days)
  • Power bars
  • LED flashlights
  • AA and AAA batteries
  • Crow bar (in case you need to pry your way out of your place in an earthquake or fire)
  • Emergency ladder
  • First aid kit
  • Fire extinguisher


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