How to DIY Improve a Painting

woman showing DIY Improve a Painting

Because I like my art to have a little depth…

A few months ago I shared my apartment tour, then I shared how I re-did my bedroom dresser (it’s bright green now!). The latest project? The easiest by FAR.

I needed a piece of art for the wall between my dining room and kitchen and I fell in love with the design of this black and white canvas wall art…the only problem being that I actually tend to hate canvas prints.

I thought “ok, maybe it will look better in person” but, alas, I was wrong, ha.  It actually looked even flatter and cheaper in person, so I knew I had to do something to fix it up a bit (and, yeah, it cost me under $20).

I bought super cheap foam paint brushes on Amazon, and stopped by a local craft supply store for black acrylic paint (this version is similar) and boom- a HUGE improvement.

How to DIY Improve a Painting

What do you guys think? The difference doesn’t look that crazy in photos but, trust me, it looks SO MUCH BETTER in person.

paint with black brush DIY Improve a Painting

The “before”

You can see how FLAT this is…so boring.

brush and paint for DIY Improve a Painting

The supplies

This was the cheapest project ever. I bought a variety size pack of foam painting sponges and one tube of black acrylic paint. Done.

All I did was basically paint over the lines that already existed, making sure to leave excess paint at certain points for that boost of texture.  You can also use different paint brush sizes for a mix of design.

improved painting for DIY Improve a Painting

The “after” 🙂

So much texture and, in my opinion, it makes the canvas print look way more expensive than it actually is.

The side by side before and after.


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