Do you like free (customized) hair products? I sure do.

ProfilePRO Pool

Because I like anything with my name on it and ProfilePRO is giving away 40,000 FREE travel-size sets (#FreeIsForMe)…

Any time I ever went on vacation as a kid I would search every gift shop for literally any knick knack that had “Jamie” written on it.  It was always a surprise whether or not it would be spelled “Jamie” or “Jaime” but, hey, that just added to the fun and even to this day, I still love anything that’s personalized…so let’s talk about personalized HAIR CARE.

The awesome app StarShop is giving away 40,000 free travel-size sets of ProfilePRO, the first customized hair care system (YES!) from today until July 31st.  All you have to do is download the app for free on iTunes or Google play in order to get your free ProfilePRO set (personalized shampoo AND conditioner). I mean.

So how is it customized?  To select the right formula, ProfilePRO asks a series of five key questions based on hair type, hair texture, hair behavior, and scalp condition; each customer has the option to select their preferred scent and to include a personal name which will appear on the bottles.  What a great gift idea, no?  I’m ordering mine now 🙂

Thanks to StarShop and ProfilePRO for partnering on this post!

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