Does blue lipgloss really make your teeth look whiter?

blue lipgloss

Because blue lipgloss is fun on many levels…

Blue lipgloss has been a “thing” for some time now and I tried quite a few versions out when I decided to do a blog post on them, but the verdict? Honestly, I was really only impressed by these two (out of five) so that’s what I’m featuring!

So why a blue lipgloss?  The cooling effect that the color blue will actually make your teeth look WHITER…it’s like magic, I know, and when applied to your lips it doesn’t actually look blue BLUE, it’s more of a dark tinted gloss that you can also layer over another shade of gloss or lipstick.  Here are my two favorites:

it cosmetics blue lipgloss

It Cosmetics Vitality Lip Flush Butter Gloss in News Anchor Blue: I love the high shine and rich pigment of this gloss, in addition to the fact that it’s super hydrating on my dry lips!  Why so soft?  It’s infused with butters, oils (NINE, to be exact) and an anti-aging ingredients that also make it basically a lip serum in addition to gloss and it helps minimize the appearance of the dreaded lip lines.

blue lipgloss teeth

lancome blue lipgloss

Lancome Juicy Shaker in Mint To Be: The packaging of Lancome’s new Juicy Shakers is just plain FUN but I also really love the super soft cushion applicator – it feels like you’re treating your lips to a fancy oil treatment which, technically, you are.  The Shaker delivers the pigmented lip oil with two distinct phases. The first phase features a transparent oil for a comfortable, non-sticky shine, formulated with a blend of five nourishing oils.  The second phase provides pigment for a touch of color after you shake the bottle like a cocktail shaker to emulsify them together.  For a more pigmented look I build a base using lip liner or matte lipstick then tap on the Juicy Shaker.  For a plumped lip look (and that’s usually what I want), tap onto the corners of the Cupid’s bow on the upper lip.


The overall verdict: I do think these two blue glosses make my teeth look a hint or two whiter but I also really enjoy them as a lip product in general.


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