My Ultimate Fall Bucket List

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Because it’s *almost* fall…

Fall is hands-down my favorite season. And as the semi-basic bitch that I am, I decided to make a Fall Bucket List…the ultimate one, if you will. We don’t really have seasons here in Los Angeles, but I think this list still works, right? What’s on your fall bucket list? Tell me in the comments below. xo

1. Watch the Hocus Pocus movies

No explanation necessary, am I right? I’ll be watching the OG movie and then, of course, the new version (Hocus Pocus 2) that came out last year on Disney Plus.

2. Make pumpkin vodka pasta

Funny enough, I really wanted to make this dish (found via TikTok, natch) back during quarantine but canned pumpkin was sold out everywhere…much like toilet paper. Ahhhh, memories.

3. Light a new (clean) fall candle

A pumpkin/fall-scented candle is an obvious must. I just ordered this one dubbed “pumpkin picking” – will report back.

4. Make the TikTok viral spicy Trader Joe’s pizza

This recipe is not technically fall-themed, but there’s something about making pizza at home that just feels vibe-y, you know? And, as a bonus, it looks super easy and reallllly good. I’m leaving out the meat, natch.

5. Take a road trip to central/northern California

I’ve been wanting to drive up north and check out some of the other beautiful areas of California for awhile now. What better time than fall? It’s still TBD on exactly where, but I’m thinking maybe Carmel by the Sea, Solvang, or even Monterey (if you watched Big Little Lies, then you know what’s up).

6. Go on a fall foliage hike

Like I mentioned earlier, we don’t really have a traditional fall in Southern California, BUT there are certain areas that do see some changing of the leaves, etc. I’d love to find a hike that really exemplifies that mood and look.

7. See a movie at the cemetery

Seeing movies at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery is my yearly summer tradition…but this year I’m definitely going to plan a fall night to go. They actually schedule some scary/Halloween-themed movies around October, so it’s perfect timing.

8. Rewatch Gilmore Girls

Confession: I haven’t watched Gilmore Girls since it first aired. A crime, I know. The TV classic is really getting a Gen Z revival over on TikTok, which has really inspired me to do a rewatch.

9. Host a fall picnic

Back during quarantine times (my god, HOW was that three years ago?!), my friends and I would do frequent outdoor picnics…and, honestly, I really miss it! I want to host one this fall with fall-themed foods and drinks.

10. Go to a vineyard

Lastly, a fall must-have: a wine tasting. We’re lucky to have several vineyards fairly close, Malibu to be exact. I just need to actually plan a day and head over.

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