Fashion Star: pure marketing genius

Say what you want, NBC’s Fashion Star is pure marketing GENIUS.  Seriously, there are just oh so many (too many) fashion reality shows these days but the fact that you can actually purchase the winning clothing ONE DAY AFTER the episode airs…well, it’s one of those “I wish I had thought of this” moments for me.  I’m also obsessed with Nicole Richie…but I digress.

Suave Professionals is the official hair sponsor for the show  (LOOK AT THOSE COOKIES) and the fabulous Theodore Leaf is the head stylist.  I was lucky enough to meet Theodore at an Emmy’s party back in 2010 and he is absoulutely lovely – I LOVE it when nice people achieve success!

Theodore doing my hair, circa 2010

Anywho, I watched the first episode and fell in love with Sarah’s blue dress, as did the rest of the country…selling out in 45 minutes online.  I had hopes that I would find some time to stop by the actual H&M store (ugh, I hate actually having to go to a store) but yeah, it never happened.  My girl Kristen pulled an amazing and ended up finding me the last size 4 and gave it to me for my birthday BUT, being that H&M sizing is as wonky as a lazy eye, the dress didn’t fit.  H&M- get your shit together and use ONE FIT MODEL.  GOD. (breathing heavy).

OK.  I searched eBay to go up a size and ended up finding a bigger size…for an extra $40, of course.  Not to worry, I sold the size 4 for $42 (a $22 bonus!) so I really only had to pay an extra $20 for the dress.  Whatever. I LOVE IT. (full disclosure: I bought it in black too.  UGH. I have problems).

sexy back.

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