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Because I have many obsessions, and here are just five of them…

I decided to start a new monthly feature (one of a few more to come!) where I call attention to a few trends that I’m noticing and LOVING every month.  For February, here’s my edit:

1// The Little Market Hand Painted Flower Box: My love for all things The Little Market is no secret but lately I’m loving these hand painted little trinket boxes, mostly because they remind me of my mom.  She collects antiques and always bought me tons of little dainty little things like this when I was little.

2// Inspiralized: Turn Vegetables into Healthy, Creative, Satisfying Meals: This cookbook is SO EXCITING for many reasons. One, I’ve been spiralizing since I discovered Inspiralized.com awhile back and two, I’m so happy for Ali (the author)!

3// Adidas Adissage Sandals: If you follow my Instagram, then you saw that I’ve been living in these sandals (circa 2001) for the past two weeks thanks to a super bad sprain.

4// Carbon38 Spiritual Gangster Collegiate Muscle Tee: I’ve been meditating now for a few months (on and off, I’ll admit) but I’m loving this bigger trend of all things meditation and mind exercise.  I actually wrote THIS story for LivingHealthy.com that even highlights the movement and, I gotta say, I’m into it…AND this t-shirt from Carbon38.

5// ABeautifulMess.com Happy Mail: I always enjoyed sending letters. I mean, I even had a fab pen pal during high school who I recently reunited with, but obviously with the way technology works snail mail has long since become a thing of the past.  I heard about Happy Mail via the ABeautifulMess.com blog and was instantly excited…a few months later and I’m still getting monthly deliveries.


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