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Fridays are usually reserved for the Weekend To-Do but, to be honest, I got a little sick of doing that series and so today I decided to switch it up with a new series: Follow Friday.  This week we’ll start with a few Instagram accounts I love to follow and we’ll see where it goes from there.  To start, I’m so into @BeautyBlitz‘s photos on Insta. Polly always posts great beauty photos that are all super editorial-looking and fab.

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@HarleysFood_Art is truly one of those “wait, what?” Instagram accounts. I mean, can you even handle this Cruella De Vil Oreo cookie?!

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Speaking of food art, @Mister_Krisp is a new discovery for me.  If you haven’t already guessed, it’s all Rice Krispie treat art and naturally he had to do the now-infamous Kim K. Paper Magazine butt shot.

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@BalletBeautiful is a long-time favorite mainly because she motivate me to actually move my body during the day once I see her in some insane ballet poses all over the place.

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@Unspirational is my new obsession.  As someone who’s totally guilty of posting #MondayMotivation quotes, you HAVE to laugh at its counterpart: unspirational.

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@JuliaMurphree is a PR exec for Maybelline but, more than that, she posts the most amazing nail photos and I always giggle at her captions.


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