Follow Me On YouTube! (Please?)

Here’s my shameless self-promotion post.  I’ve had a YouTube page for about a year now and ladies, I’ve made FOUR whole videos! LOL.  Yes, I openly admit that I’m way more comfortable blogging, hiding behind my computer…and usually wearing sweats with my hair in a bun on top of my head and zit cream on my face.  Oh yes, I’m sure you’re visualizing that.

I honestly don’t understand how some of the popular vloggers get all dolled up to sit in front of a Flip basically talking to themselves…but hey, they’re the ones making tons of money, right?  They must know something!  In all seriousness, after making two videos this week, I’m getting kind of hooked but I need more followers so here’s my cheesy plee.

Also, if anyone knows how to fix the whole wonky face thing that happens as the screen shot for ALL of my videos, please send me an email.  Help.com.

photo: one of my better faces.

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