Formula LA haircare

So when I got the pitch for Formula LA, the first ever line of hair and skin products specifically for Los Angeles, I was all ears.  After two years of research, Formula LA was developed and guess what?  They’re also working on other products specfic for a ton of other cities and not gonna lie, I would die for this if I still lived in New York (hello humidity).  But the LA line is also fab- the science breaks down to the sun, the air and the water in the city of angels.

The LA sun is strong and can cause serious damage to your locks which is exactly why there’s sunscreen in the shampoo and conditioner to block out the harmful UV rays and preventing the damage that causes brittle, flat hair.

The LA is D-R-Y, let me tell you.  On top of that, LA has a major pollution problem (fact: I had a perma-cough for the first 3 weeks I lived here until my lungs got adjusted).  This formula was developed to counteract the exhaust and other pollution that’s in the air here.

The water.  Honestly, I haven’t noticed bad water but apparently others feel differently.  The formula here prevents minerals from binding to your hair, which is a majorly good thing.

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